Sunday, 14 June 2015

mum's birthday

today is my mum's birthday, since I couldn't get home to her (just yet-one week on Tuesday and I'll be home with her, Row and Joe!) I stitched and made this card for her.
The motif is from Susan Bates' gorgeous book; Hearts, Birds and Flowers ( She is one of my favourite cross stitch designers and my mum loves her work too, so I thought this little bouquet would make a lovely birthday card. I changed a few colours and added the backstitch wording.
Mum loved her card and I can't wait to give her her presents on Tuesday-most of which are handmade so I will be posting photos here very soon.

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  1. Hi, this is Susan Bates here... I came across your blog and to my surprise saw my design stitched up on it! I love your colour scheme that you used here instead of mine, it looks great. I hope your mum liked it too. Thanks for the kind words about my designs!(And the link to my website) :)