Saturday, 13 June 2015

little fox embroidery

this is my very latest Bustle and Sew finish; a little leaping fox surrounded by a flower wreath. the fox himself is appliqued and the rest is embroidered onto cream cotton then framed in a 6 inch wooden embroidery hoop. the first photo shows it in progress, the second shows it completed and framed.

I do like framing my pieces in hoops, I find I do this more and more as they are easy to move about and rearrange. what's your favourite way to display your stitching?

I loved making this piece, although I had a few issues with the colours I had chosen; colour isn't my strong point. Clothing wise I tend to stick to classic, natural colours like white, cream, green, brown and grey. It's not that I don't like colour (I love it!) I'm just not very good at deciding which colours go well together. For this one, I decided on pastel shades with the two bright flowers on either side.

To help with my colour choices, I've been pinning all sorts of lovely palettes onto my pinterest board;

I absolutely love pinterest; please do give me a follow and let me know your pinterest accounts so I can have a look-see :)

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