Saturday, 13 June 2015

hello to you

i’ve had many blogs over the years, but they never became anything more than something i’d post on very occasionally. I follow many beautiful blogs which are what i always wanted to try and emulate, so here i am, trying for what may be the 100th time, but this time i’m determined to succeed.
i think writing the first post is always the hardest. you try and get across who you are in a way that sounds interesting and close to your passions. as i’m usually quite a ‘closed’ person, i’ve found a list of questions ( that i’m going to answer here;
What’s it like being you right now?
Honestly-probably just like everyone else. I have days where nothing and no-one seems like they’re on my side, where i think i will accomplish nothing and have no-one. But then I have days where i feel so comfortable and happy and proud that i’m sure it makes me glow.
What makes you nostalgic?
The television series Larkrise to Candleford, gardens, old books, seeing photographs of country roads.
Who makes you laugh more than anyone?
Bill, my my boyfriend. i’ve never know anyone so silly or lovely.
What did your mother teach you?
A ridiculous amount of manners, etiquette and never-ending politeness. Sometimes I’m grateful for this, other times definitely not! She also taught me that making beautiful things with your hands is a perfect way to spend your time.
What makes you feel safe?
Beds. Beds covered in blankets, throws, pillows and handmade cushions. Warm squashy beds and a hot water bottle, preferably while snuggling up to someone.
What is your actual superpower?
I have a good one and a not so good one. I give blood (that’s definitely a good superpower), and my bad superpower is that i tend to be a bit invisible; people don’t always notice me.
What are you incredible at?
Making things!
What are you terrible at but love to do anyway?
Baking. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with this, because I always thought I was quite good (my mum is a baker so I thought the baking gene must have been passed on to me) but this last year has taught me that baking (and decorating) is definitely not my forte. Still, I love to do it and Bill always eats whatever I make, so it can’t be that bad..
Where do you want to be right now?
Today I want to be in the Museum Gardens. Generally I want to be in a lovely home of our own with Bill. Or in France by myself. Or in Rye with my family. Or in space.
How do you show your love for others?
Lots of holding hands and little presents.
Why are you here (on this blog) right now?
Because I want to make a blog that I would want to read. i don’t think that’s being proud, it’s just the desire to create something that will make me happy while documenting my life for other people to read and hopefully inspire them.
What are you ready to let go of?
My worry, and terror that things aren’t going to work out. this blog will hopefully help this.
last but not least; the basics;
my name is holly, i’m 21 years old. i’ve just finished my ba honours degree in fine art in york. i’m from reading (nearish london), i have two brothers called Daniel and Joseph and a sister called Rowanna.  In July I’m either moving to Newcastle or Manchester and I hate not knowing whether I’m going to be living with Bill. I spend my days sewing, drawing and watercolour painting, although I am on a sabbatical for art for a few weeks while i recover from my last exhibition! i have a cat called Skimbleshanks (after T.S Eliot’s Railway Cat) and a rabbit called Nessie (after the Loch Ness Monster).
this blog will be full of things i love, things i make, inspirations, poems, musings and hopefully will provide another safe place (apart from my bed) during all the chaos and uncertainty of the next few months.
please do say hello!

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